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Start up life of a Property Nerd 🤓

It started six months ago over a Philz coffee with a simple question.  How could we as a real estate team repair the reputation of the real estate industry, increase our value to consumers, and become role models for agents?  Our mission was clouded by the fact that we were working against the industry and its governing bodies  It would take a serious pattern disruption to reengineer the industry.  But we had a great role model in the form of Silicon Valley start-ups.

As agents we envisioned a work environment where we could grow our business by utilizing technology to streamline the process and using data and modeling to better advise our clients, all while offering the consumer a truly transparent real estate experience.  Thus began the journey of the Property Nerds…

What is a Property Nerd, you ask?  First and foremost, real estate would need to be in their blood.  When you ask agents why they like real estate, many say “I can make my own schedule.”  Anyone who adopts this attitude has not worked in Silicon Valley.  Our team has a no “part-timers” rule, in response to changing consumer demands, which are driven by the speed of information and data.  In this valley where you swim with the sharks, our role as a Guardian is actually more important than our role as an advisor.  So we developed a simple Mission statement, or what is to become known as the Property Nerds Pledge.

We the Property Nerds of the Boyenga Team in an effort to unlock homeownership, establish a painless and predictable process, respect your boundaries, pledge to protect and defend your best interest in order to Engineer your Happiness™






Process Driven

Savvy Negotiators






Tech Savvy


We are Not…



Old School



Motivated by Money

Driven by our own agenda

Controlled by others



Time Wasters




We're Different

We’re reengineering how real estate is practiced, purchased and sold from the ground up.

On it!

Good Listeners
Tech Enabled
On Demand


We understand people not just money
Protect and Support
We think long-term
Solid Advice
We value loyalty

Problem Solvers

Understand your Journey
Are Data Driven
Market Focused
Attention to Details
Strong Negotiators

We Are Fixing the Real Estate Industry.

Known throughout the industry as the Property Nerds and branded by Zillow as “Next Gen” agents, Boyenga Team sets the standard for real estate marketing, utilizing digital technology and social media strategies to help achieve their clients’ goals.  Eric and Janelle have been ahead of the curve early in their careers when they became known as the Silicon Valley Real Estate Team a name that has been imitated by many Realtors and real estate agents in the bay area but surpassed by none.  

Their dynamic team of 12 thrives with collaborative energy, fueled by a shared commitment to provide exceptional client care. Each agent brings to the team diverse yet complementary skills and neighborhood expertise that rounds out our collective proficiency, representing more than a century of combined real estate experience.

As our Property Nerds designation suggests, we provide specialized knowledge in all areas of the residential real estate field.  Our team also delivers expert pre-listing and project management to help clients earn maximum return on investment.  With extensive experience with family trusts, we understand the nuances and requirements of working with trustees and help families navigate complex transactions through emotional challenges and geographic distances.

If you are ready to join a dynamic “Next Generation” real estate team, please contact Eric and Janelle today.

We Engineer Happiness®

NextGen Marketing Team

Our in-house marketing team is here to help! A winning team of marketing experts, graphic designers, data scientist, social media pros will collaborate with you to help you grow your client base and your business. Need a unique brochure for your listing or a creative postcard to farm a neighborhood? Custom signage for a new development? The team is here to help.

24/7 Operations Manager

Our operations team handles everything from A-Z by providing you with a cloud based timeline keeping everyone in the loop. Need an extra hand to coordinate inspections, liaise with title, lenders, clients, schedule 3D tours, appraisals, create documents and chase signatures. Our team will keep you one step in front of your clients, and make sure you are providing the ultimate client experience.

Lead Generation Software

Our state of the art lead generation platform provides you with warm contacts not cold leads. On the go, that's great, our mobile app will alert you immediately. With our consistent lead flow we can help grow your business in months not years. So what are you waiting for, stop knocking on doors, calling expired's and start focusing on clients looking for a guardian like you to advise them today.

Inclusive not Exclusive

We are inclusive, not exclusive! We are different and it shows in our company culture. Our diversity, our core values, creative problem solving and open lines of communication help create an inspiring workplace. We believe that everyone on the team can grow through collaboration and support.

Partner Compensation

We have a simple team compensation structure. We do not nickel and dime you with hidden fees, or push ancillary services. Our focus is on growing you, providing you with the support staff to help you achieve your goals. Everything is inclusive, so you can spend your time doing what you do best, sell real estate.

Inside Sales Team

Our inside sales team is working 24/7 to help nurture and grow your leads. Utilizing our custom developed lead management software and mobile app our team focuses on helping you convert more leads in less time. So sit back and relax as our sales team alerts you to the serious buyers and sellers waiting to connect with you!

We are the Property Nerds

Helping solve the real estate equation for you.


Focused on positive outcomes!

    Fixated on developing a NextGen Real Estate Marketing solution. Eric's is hyper focused on utilizing new technologies to market luxury real estate to a much higher level.

    Eric Boyenga
    Founding Partner
  • Tough Negotiator

    Known for her keen sense of design and powerful negotiating, Janelle is a force to be reckoned with!

    Janelle Boyenga
    Founding Partner
  • Managing Chaos

    Paula does it all, manages the team, overseas client care and represents clients by referral only. She is better known as "Ms. Paula Perfect Pants"

    Paula Wells
    Operations Manager


Why is a “guardian” different from an advisor?  If you think about it, the answer is simple.  An advisor (think attorney) can give you counsel and then detach themselves from your goals.  As guardians, we internalize your goals by listening carefully, being discrete, protecting your best interests as if they were our own and understand that this is an important journey for you and your family.

We're All Ears

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